Leech Lake Legacy

Located in Leech Lake, MN

Phone: 866-534-2293

Email info@leechlakelegacy.org 

Leech Lake Legacy began with the efforts of one woman who found a stray dog while fishing in Cass Lake and attempted to find its owner. While trying to find its owner, she discovered that Leech Lake Reservation had no programs in place to help abandoned or unwanted animals which meant most of the animals brought into the Leech Lake Impound Facility never made it out. What began as one woman wanting to help a stray dog has grown into a collaborative effort to help all of the unwanted or abandoned dogs and cats on the Reservation and provide programs and resources for pet owners of Leech Lake Reservation. From May 2011 (when these efforts began) through July 2013, we have rescued more than 1,700 animals from the Reservation. Leech Lake Legacy also sponsors several spay and neuter clinics each year.

Almost every weekend, the impounded dogs and cats are transported to Minneapolis, Duluth or St. Cloud where they are taken in by various rescues and shelters with whom we have partnered. Some of these partners are members of the animal welfare coalition, MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare). Many of the animals brought into the impound are starving, dehydrated and tick-infested. Many of them also have injuries or broken bones. The amazing organizations we work with take in these animals, nurse them back to health, and place them up for adoption.