Leech Lake Legacy Spay/Neuter Clinic

Leech Lake's February 2017 spay/neuter clinic was a “transport” clinic.  In the winter months, they drive to Leech Lake Reservation to pick up the animals the day before the clinic and return them to the Twin Cities clinic location.  This is a 9 or 10-hour round trip!  The animals are walked and fed and settled in for the night. They have surgery the following day, and a returned to Leech Lake Reservation the day after that.  

In the weeks preceding the transport clinic, appointments get made, keeping us within the limits we have for species, sex, and size. Priority is given to people who have been waiting the longest for spay/neuter (since their last clinic in September 2016).  

When the animals arrived Friday night, volunteers were on hand to make sure the animals were fed and watered, the dogs were walked, and everyone got settled into a cozy bed for the night.  Bright and early Saturday morning, volunteers brought the animals to Kindest Cut for surgery. After they were awake and alert, the animals were brought back to their cages and kennels for walks and a bit to eat.  Volunteers provided animal care well into the evening.  Reminder calls went out to all the patient families to be ready and waiting to pick up their pets upon their return to Leech Lake Reservation. As part of discharge, every animal was given a goodie bag with some donated toys and treats to go along with their meds and paperwork.

Leech Lake made an extra effort to take lots of photos of the animals throughout the entire clinic weekend and posting them on Facebook.  It’s hard for families to send their beloved pets away for three days for surgery, so it’s important for us to keep them and their pets connected while they’re apart.

25 cats and dogs got sterilized, preventing lots of unwanted litters and bringing the other benefits of spay/neuter, namely preventing some cancers and diseases and curbing unwanted behaviors.  To learn more about the work that Leech Lake does every day, visit their website at http://www.leechlakelegacy.org/